Facing Blank Walls- John 21.1-14

“Simon Peter said unto them, I am going fishing. They said unto him, we also will go with you…” – John 21:3

Sometimes, life gives us choices but there are times when it takes us to a seeming dead end.

A good friend has lamented about an experience he has had before. He said, “Some complain about reaching a crossroad in life. They do not know, which way to go. At least, they can choose unlike me, I face a blank wall, I have nowhere to go.”

Often, we find ourselves in situations where we do not know what to do or where to go next. Sometimes, life gives us choices but there are times when it takes us to a seeming dead end.

Peter might have experienced the same when his Master died. All his strength, joy, and aspirations centered on the Lord alone and you could just imagine the grief and frustration that he had when he had seen him die. “What would we do?” “Where else could we go?” It was as if a huge blank wall suddenly stood in their way. Peter had decided to go back and return to fishing. The other apostles went with him but to their further frustration, on their first fishing expedition, they had no catch.

They lost their focus when they thought that the Lord had failed their expectations so the Lord had to lead them back on track not as fishermen but fishers of men. He revealed himself unto them through the miraculous catch of fish; one hundred fifty three in all yet the net did not break. He reminded them of their calling and restored their strength. It emboldened them once again, having the assurance that the Lord is living and looking after them.

In this life’s journey, we need to stay focused on our God-given goal. We may face blank walls every now and then but we should not allow these situations to stop us from becoming what God wants us to be. God has never failed our expectations. Often, we are victims of our own finite perception but as long as we let the Lord lead the way, we can break through any blank wall.

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