Destructive Pride- Proverbs 16.18

“Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” –Proverbs 16:18

Christ Our Pilot by Warner Sallman

Leaning on our own wisdom and judgment might just lead us toward an ice burg and crash senselessly. Man is prone to error and miscalculations no matter how good he thinks he has prepared for the life long travel. If he will insist to be the captain of his own ship, he might end up under the sea of life.

The Pharos of Alexandria in its grandeur and beauty may also symbolize man’s quest for glory and recognition. By nature, man boasts about accomplishments, which sometimes deludes him in thinking that he is self-made or self-sufficient.

In the earthquake of 1303, the towering monument of Ptolemy, the Pharos of Alexandria crumbled to the ground, and never rose again. It only proves that anything that the human hands build is but temporary. Anyone who takes pride on himself might share the same fate.

Keep on steering the wheel of life with confidence as an obedient pilot. Take pride not in the countless successes you gain in your journey but in the wisdom, power, and faithfulness of the Lord Jesus- the Captain of your ship.

In this life, God designs our course and destination and we navigate toward the completion. He does not make the decisions for us but He can guide our decisions through his prompting. He will not drag us down to accomplish His will; He will only show us the vision and the way then He will give us the chance to follow and reap the reward of our obedience. If you we know the Lord, we will recognize His prompting and if we trust Him as the captain of our ship, we will obey.

Faith is neither complacent nor passive. It is not a passenger seat voyage. Faith requires action and participation for everything we do is an act of worshipful obedience.

In this life’s voyage, is Jesus the captain of your ship? Do you follow Him or you still navigate on your own?

Image: Christ Our Pilot by Warner Sallman