The Star and the Wise Men- Matthew 2.1-12

A James McConnell Art- The Wise Men from the East

We can find the record or account of the birth of our Lord Jesus only in two books in the New Testament. The first is in the gospel according to Matthew 1:8-25 – 2:1-23, which, records, events before and after Christ’s birth. Second, the gospel according to Luke 2:1-40, which, records a more detailed account of the actual birth of Jesus.

Matthew 2:1-12 has the record of the visit of the Magi from the east. A careful study of the record reveals important facts that differ from the traditional story we had always known- that the visit of the Magi was a post Christmas event (v.1 NIV), and that they found the child Jesus in a house (v.11) not in a stable almost two years after His birth (v.16).

You will notice in the account of St Luke particularly starting in chapter 2:21 and the following that 40 days after His birth, Jesus was presented to the temple. Then in verse 39, Luke wrote that when the ceremony of presenting the child, and purifying the mother, was all over, they returned into Galilee. Luke relates no more concerning them until Jesus was twelve years old. There appears a twelve years gap. However, it appears by St. Matthew’s gospel particularly in the second chapter that they returned to Bethlehem in those silent years, stayed there for nearly two years before the wise men from the east found them.

(Enemies of the gospel say that either Luke was wrong in his writing or the wise men’s story was only a mere concoction of the early Christians. I adamantly disagree to that notion. I am sharing this to help us defend our faith against those who refute the infallibility of the Bible)

Image Courtesy of Biblical Notes from particularly in commentaries by Matthew Henry

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