The Water and the Wine II- John 2:1-11

A Jewish Wedding

The primary sign of joy in a Jewish wedding is the wine (a source says that it is about the alcohol content of a beer). If there is no wine, there is no joy. Wine is extremely valuable in a Jewish wedding especially during the wedding feast. Running out of wine creates terrible shame that anyone would bear for years! It would be something “unforgivable” in their tradition.

In our text, an unpleasant incident was about to take place; they ran out of wine. Bible teachers believe that the couple must have been very close to the family of Mary because if you have noticed, she was so distressed about the wine running out and she knew this inside information, which we could say, was very sensitive. In addition, she seemed to exercise authority over the servants and the fact that the Lord graced the occasion seemed to show that the couple must have been close to the family. This fact also stressed the value of marriage to the Lord. God was right there in middle of the ceremony and celebration.

Going back, Mary informed the Lord about the terrible situation and then the Lord did something unexpected. He answered her prayer by turning water into wine. Mary went to Jesus in faith, and Jesus answered her prayer with a great miracle.

We, too, have the confidence that we can always go to the Lord in prayer and He will not disappoint us most especially when our concern is beyond our personal necessities. It touches the heart of God so much when we pray for the needs of others. He gives even better things than what we could expect in our prayer.

Beyond that, I would like to give emphasis on the two important elements in this particular account: the water and the wine. The miracle of turning water into wine symbolizes two important truths for us to reflect on:

  1. It symbolizes transformation.
  2. It symbolizes the New Covenant in Christ.

to be continued…

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