Transformation: Water into Wine- John 2:1-11

1.  It symbolizes transformation.

The Lord had turned odorless, tasteless and colorless water into wine. In fact, the steward of the feast said it was a good wine.

Jesus has the power to change what is nothing into something of great value. This is what attracted people to Christ: He has the power to change life; change circumstances to reveal His glory [in Greek DOXA; in Hebrew KABODE– the very presence of God] in you and through you.

The clear manifestation or validation of the Christian faith is the genuine transformation of life. If you truly desire to change, the Lord has the power to change your life. How are you as a friend? Does your ways lead your friends to Christ or is it otherwise? Yes, we all have our own personal weaknesses. It is not an easy process. Christians are not perfect people but people who live by the grace of God in each day. That is the reason why we need each other as a church. Paul calls each Christian to persevere in his spiritual life and not forsake the assembling of the believers (Heb10:25).

As Christians who love one another, we ought to remember an important duty for all of us as lay ministers of the church, and that is to become channels of God’s strength and grace by caring and praying for each other. Let us allow ourselves to become a light for God anywhere we are. We may not become exactly perfect by earthly standard but the God of mercy will be our judge and His grace will see us through until the day we shall see Him face to face. Let us become like “the good wine” that symbolizes the joy of the Lord for each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.

to be continued…

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