The Lepers’ Prayer- Luke 17.12-13

As He entered into a certain village, there met Him ten men who were lepers who stood afar off; and they lifted up their voices and said, “Jesus, Teacher, have mercy on us!”- Luke 17:12-13

Jesus heals ten lepers

The Lord met ten lepers while on His way into a certain village. In Jewish culture, they consider leprosy as God’s punishment for a particular sin. Therefore, more than any other disease, it is a mark of God’s displeasure. In Leviticus 13:45, a person who had leprosy must wear torn clothes, must not fix his hair and must put a cover on the lower part of his face and cry out “Unclean! Unclean!” As long as he had the disease, he must live alone outside the camp. You could just imagine the stigma against those men. God knew how these people were suffering and so Christ, who came to take away sin, and turn away wrath, took particular care to clean the lepers that fell on his way.

Observe: [1] They have kept a distance from the Lord but they lifted their voice to Him. They have been too embarrassed to come near the Lord because of their disease but still, they have cried out to Him with boldness. Allegorically, sin has covered us with spiritual leprosy that we are so ashamed to approach the Lord. We, too, have been impure and like the ten lepers, we can cry unto the Lord with the confidence that He will clean us. The lepers’ prayer is a symbol of humility, boldness and trust. God is holy and we in our state of humanity are impure. While we keep a humble spirit, we can confidently approach His throne of grace and mercy.

[2] They called Him Teacher. It seemed that, they had heard the Lord teach and preach the gospel. They were ready to hear what He would say and they would be ready to follow.

[3] The lepers asked for mercy. They could have had asked directly for healing but they did not. They cried for the Lord’s mercy. It was a cry of faith. Perhaps, they could no longer enumerate the hardships they were going through but they trusted God. They knew that the Lord’s mercy never fails.

Sometimes, in the immensity of our problems, we no longer know what we need and how to ask for it. However, we know that when the Lord’s mercy begins to work in our lives, we could get more than what we could expect.

to be continued…

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