The Gratitude Of A Samaritan- Luke 17.15-16

The Thankful Samaritan Leper

And one of them, when he saw that he was healed turned back, and with a loud voice glorified God, and fell down on his face at His feet, giving Him thanks; and he was a Samaritan” –Luke 17:15-16.

Observe: [1] The Samaritan leper turned back and glorified God in a loud voice. He could not contain the joy and excitement he felt when he realized that the Lord had healed him. He glorified God in a loud voice and so, all the people within the range of his voice must have heard him. When we receive the answer to our prayer it is only but fitting to let everyone hear about it. Let us boast about the goodness of God. Let us be witnesses for God’s power and kindness.

[2] When he turned back, he worshipped the Lord. Gratitude ignites the fire of our love for the Lord. Sometimes, it is not enough to say thank you in prayer. We need to express it through worshipful service. Bowing down at the feet of the King means, you are presenting yourself to Him for service. You are submitting yourself under His authority and kingship with absolute loyalty. How do we serve our God and King? One is taking part in the ministries of our church. It is through such services that we find full satisfaction in our expression of love and gratitude toward God.

[3] The leper was a Samaritan. The Jews have estranged the Samaritans from the observance of the Jewish religion. They could neither go to the temple or synagogues nor mingle with Jews. The Jews had regarded them as sinful people and despised them. Yet this man, though, he was far from the knowledge of God received a bountiful blessing from God. The Lord shows no favoritism. His grace is upon all. This Samaritan might have thought that God hated them but by receiving a miracle from the Lord, he realized that such notion was not true. A Samaritan went back to thank God and this was when the Jews, who call themselves the people of God, forgot. Gratitude leads us to become witnesses for God and ignites our service for the Lord.

to be continued…

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