The Faith That Heals- Luke 17.19

Praising God in Gratitude!

And He said unto him, “Arise, go your way; your faith had made you whole” – Luke 17:19.

Observe: [1] The Lord acknowledged his faith. It was a great comfort for a Samaritan like him, whom the Jews who called themselves people of God had so much despised, that his faith was acceptable unto the Lord and was indeed accepted. How the Lord saw him had set him apart from the rest. God did not only bestow His mercy because of his prayer; the Lord was pleased with him. Indeed, as Matthew Henry commented, “the Lord’s grace is doubled unto us whenever we approach the Lord with a prayer of faith and return with a prayer of praise”.

In our approaches to God, let us keep a spirit of humility and boldness, with obedient faith and let us not forget to turn back with a prayer of praise and a triumphant testimony. Let our gratitude fire up our service unto the Lord. As we receive God’s mercies through the ministries of our church, let us also be actively a part of these ministries that we may share our joy with the brethren who draw intimately upon the mercies of the Lord through these ministries. We may join the choir or the praise team. We may teach, preach, give, comfort or pray. Whatever it may be, it is already between you and God. The ministry of the laity largely contributes to the growth of the church because God works through them and through the members’ love for each other. In another song, it says, “What can we give that you have not given? What do we have that is not already yours? All we possess are this life we’re living and that’s what we give to you Lord”

Let us remind ourselves to continue to keep our church a sanctuary of the Lord’s grace and mercy through our active participation in our church ministries as an expression of our gratitude toward our Lord who has given us so much.

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