The Lord’s Action- John 2.13-16

it's time to clean up!

First, He made a scourge of small cords, which probably they had led their sheep and oxen with, and thrown them away upon the ground which, Jesus picked up then He drove out the sheep and oxen, and those that sold them, out of the temple. However, notice that He did not make a scourge to chastise the offenders but only to drive out the animals out of the Temple.

Secondly, He poured out the changers’ money. In pouring out the money, he showed his disapproval. He threw it to the ground. In overthrowing the tables, he showed his displeasure against those that make religion a matter of material gain. Moneychangers in the temple were guilty of such shame.

Thirdly, He told those who were selling doves (sacrifices for the poor) to take those away. Though the doves, occupied less space, and were fewer nuisances than the oxen and sheep still, they were not supposed to be there. The sparrows and swallows that seek refuge in the temple were welcome (Psalm 84:3) but not the doves that time, which had become symbols of man’s greed.

Fourthly, He gave them a good reason for what he did: “Make not my Father’s house a house of merchandise”. He reiterated that the purpose of the temple was worship. Making worship, a business enterprise is not acceptable to God.

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