The Lord’s Purpose for Showing Divine Indignation- John 2:16-22

a spiritual awakening

The Lord’s “scourge of small cords” was not merely for punishment but more so for Reformation. The Lord is interested more on a change of heart than flowing tears.

Let us examine ourselves. Is there any area in our lives that Christ needs to clear?

One good thing about God’s Divine Indignation is that He remains righteous and just even in anger. Note: Christ used the scourge of small cords on the animals to drive them out of the temple and not on people. He drove out the sheep and oxen so the owners might follow them. He overturned the tables and scattered their money on the floor, to make a statement of disapproval. Yet when He turned to the cages of doves, He just asked the sellers to put them away. If he had turned the doves flying, the owners would not have a way of retrieving them. Therefore, to them that sold doves he said, take these things away. God showed concern even if He was angry.

He was not saying that it was wrong to sell animals for sacrifices or change money but they should do it outside the temple. They might have rational needs but those were not enough excuses to defile the temple of God.

Note: Even if God hates the sin that He sees in the human temple, which is our body, He is still gracious enough to let us willfully respond.

Whenever we compromise our faith in favor of anything against the principles of Christ, God is saying, “Take these things away!” In the middle of all the worldly influences that surround us, we need to “take those things away”. Admittedly, it is easy to say. Yet we can stand with authority against these influences that find their way within us and take them away by virtue of Christ’s authority over the temple as Jesus said, “destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up”. The Jews did not understand His words because their focus was on carnal things thus, they could not grasp when they had heard something spiritual.

The Jews asked Him under what authority was He acting that way. He answered by speaking about His death and resurrection and by virtue of it; he would reveal Himself as God’s only Son, who had absolute authority over the Temple. He spoke by that authority and we should live by that authority.

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