Living by Faith and Not by Sight

speaking before LUMC-UMYF Student Reception Activity 2009

Let us not go far; I have been on a wheel chair for twenty-four years. On the surface, it may look as though destiny has robbed me of what could have been a beautiful future: failing to pursue a professional career like my peers; missing the opportunity to give my parents the honor of having a college degree and a high-paying job, and losing the chance to build a family of my own. Sometimes, it all seems unfair. Life seems easier for some and harder for another.

However, these are life-changing experiences that teach us lessons that no private school can offer. We do not have control over the things that could happen to our lives. In as much as we would like to avoid them, there are things that catch us unaware. We may hate these situations but we cannot change them anymore. We need to live with them. As a familiar maxim says, “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness”.

I don’t claim full understanding of everything that’s happening in my life. I’ve just realized that God will not allow to hit me anything that would kill me: the man and the person that he has purposed in me. All I need is to trust Him fully.

I admit that there have been moments in my life that I’ve crossed the valley of death. Doubts cloud my vision and darken my path. However, we cannot live in resentment and rebellion because that would push us to make wrong decisions. We need to trust the Lord fully because He never fails.

We only need to open the window of our spirits and look toward our Heavenly Father and pray, and trust His unending love.

to be continued

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