Thy Kingdom Has Come- Part III (The Shepherds)

The Adoration of the Shepherds by Giorgione

Read: Luke 2:8

The angels announced the birth of Jesus to poor, night-shift shepherds in fields where they lay keeping their sheep that night. These men were no ordinary shepherds; they were the strong and tough kind of men; men of no fear. They had to tend and protect the flock at night from thieves and from wolves that might attack the sheep. Usually, shepherds armed themselves with slings and they were accurate with it. Yet when the glory of God shone around them, they were afraid. However, when they had realized the heavenly revelation- Baby Jesus was born in the city of David- they were quick to follow as the angels said. God chose them to receive the news of the Messiah’s birth and ordained them to be the earliest evangelists (v.15-17).

Such is the picture of the bearers of the gospel. God usually use simple people for great tasks. God has called us from our simplicity to be bearers of His good news. We do not need to be great public speakers to be evangelists. We do not need to become pastors except in instances when God calls one to be. As people of the kingdom, we only need to take with us the good news about Christ wherever we go and whatever we do like, the shepherds lay keeping their sheep.


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