Love Came Down at Christmas- 1 John 4.7-16

Several months after the Luzon killer earthquake in 1990, there was a Christmas TV ad for MY San Biscuit that caught my attention. It was a short film clip about Christmas. It showed a hand with a pencil, erasing the image of Santa Claus and drawing the image of Christ.

It has been a campaign to focus on the Christ of Christmas, who is the true essence of our celebration. The narrator said that we need a change of heart, less ho, ho’s and more hallelujah’s; he used the term “put Christ back into Christmas”.

Hence, Christmas has become so commercialized. Perhaps, it is a marketing strategy for business to make people focus on Santa Claus because that would attract people to buy more for gifts since they have more to spend, as if it is the most essential.

Perhaps, for Christians “putting Christ back into Christmas” is not an issue. The fact that we are all here to worship shows that we know the essence of the season although; we get caught up in the frenzy sometimes. “Last year. I only have three godchildren, now I have six yet my bonus has not increased, yet.” “A handkerchief again?” “Picture frame again?” “Towel again?”

I’m not saying that you should no longer give gifts to your godchildren. Gift giving is an expression of love, however, I’d like to emphasize that the primary responsibility of godparents is not to give gifts every Christmas but to become partners of the parents in leading their godchildren to Christ.