Worship is a Lifestyle

Our response to God’s unconditional love can only be unconditional worship. Worship is actually service. We worship not just by bowing before him both in our personal and public prayer. We worship God whenever and wherever we serve Him in any manner. It is the kind of worship that is not dependent on the availability of time, on how we are doing, if things seem all bad or all good. Worship springs from the love that we have for God.

We can love God totally because we experienced first His love in our lives. It is all but fitting to give Him our gift of worship. The wise men offered gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Those are very expensive gifts but do you know which gift touched God’s heart the most? None from the three! It was their act of worship. They traveled far and wide at night with just a star guiding them, across perilous desert and mountain, and vast land just so that they could worship Him. They not only gave treasure; they gave time, energy and their lives.

If we cannot give time to prayer and meditation and corporate worship, how can we respond if God would need our whole life?


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