The Warrior is a Child

Warrior Child

One of my most favorite Contemporary Christian Song is “The Warrior is a Child”, which Christian artist Twila Paris has composed and popularized in the late 80’s. She is in her early twenty’s at that time.

The song talks about the inner self; the struggles that we usually hide from other people and the vulnerability each Christian faces in each day. Apostle Paul calls a brother in Christ a fellow soldier (Philippians 2:25). He considers himself a soldier in faith and that pertains to all Christians too. We are all soldiers in the faith life, combating trials and temptations that lie before our steps.

In our daily faith walk, we win battles left and right. However, we cannot deny the fact that occasionally, we would stumble and fall. In Christ, trials can never crush us but still, the pain that failure inflicts on us is hard to endure.

We may have been in the ministry for a long time, holding important responsibility in church and have been victorious in the faith walk but deep inside our hearts, we are all a child in God’s sight. We are all children who depend on the nurturing hands of a Father yet at the same time, we are soldiers (Ephesians 6:11-18) that bear the insignia of the Lord.

If you are secretly suffering trials or getting a little weary fighting the battles of the Christian life, I hope this song by Twila Paris will give you comfort and reassures you that God is in control and He will lift you up.

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2 thoughts on “The Warrior is a Child

  1. I was having trials and difficulties these past few days. this article of yours and the song as well gave me comfort. Jesus is so faithful to us! I thank Him for He is our refuge in times of trouble. And I have proven this so many times in my life. Again, thank you so much for sharing this!

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