arnel oroceo

The Author

In my more than fifteen years as a church organist, I have developed a modified approach in learning basic music theory and its application with keyboard playing, particularly chord playing accompaniment. I have made it available here for download in eBook format.

It gives only a basic knowledge but it is adequate to start a fulfilling ministry in the keyboards. Skill comes with practice.

I do not say, however, that I am an authority in this area. I  just want to share what the Lord has taught me in the past years as a simple musician who is still striving for excellence.

You can download the lessons free on the condition that you will not use it for profit.

Thank you and God Bless!

1. Basic lesson on music theory and keyboard (chord) playing: music_theory101

2. Chart of Common Chords on the keyboards with image illustrations: keyboards-chord-chart

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