Chapter 10: A SECOND HOME

In 1995, our family moved to another city. God led us to a church, which had become our second home- The Lagro United Methodist Church; there my ministry in music had planted its roots with the help of the administrative pastor at that time and the church pianist at that time. They opened the church’s music ministry to me no matter how amateur I was. Now I serve the Lord in that church as the church organist.

There I have learned so many things about music and ministry. There I have been growing in faith while I am fellowshipping with a family of fellow Christians in church. After twelve years in ministry, I have become one of the church’s lay speakers. It has been a new challenge for my faith. I must admit that the struggle with my disability somehow has been haunting me but my hope in the Lord has been sustaining me.

When my father had a stroke in January of 2006, anguish for losing my great father and fear squeezed my heart and mind. He had been religiously taking me to church every Saturday for band and choir practice, and Sunday for worship. However, with what happened, I thought I could no longer attend church to fulfill my functions no matter how insignificant those might be. It had been my life and cutting me off from church would be like cutting off my life.

I am very thankful to the Lord for leading our family to the Lagro United Methodist Church. The church and her members have been very good to our family. The church sends the church van to fetch us every Sunday (and whenever I am needed) so we could attend worship and fulfill my function as the church organist aside from the honorarium that they give. God is so good all the time and in every way.

>Chapter 11: It Is Not Meaningless!

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