Twenty-five years have passed. I have survived life. I may still depend on a wheel chair, a leg brace, and compassionate assistance from caring people for my mobility but I have a life that I offer to God as a living sacrifice. I must admit that fear constantly visits me. Fear for a life without the sustaining love of my mom and dad; of growing old alone and a burden; not having significant achievements in life. However, I choose to hang on to the faith that moves mountains. I choose to believe in the power of God at work in the lives of people who trust in Him. I may have impairments but God has given me abilities, which I can put into good use and turn these days of disability into moments of greatness for His greater glory until the day He restores me completely and I would like to share that faith to everyone.

I have written over twenty songs already and I dream that even just one of those would outlast my lifetime. I would like to publish my literary works and be among the privileged writers of my time. Nevertheless, I know that these take a lot more than sheer confidence. These are tough things to aspire for but there is definitely nothing to lose. I think internet blogging is a good start.

Our dreams are not too far off and we will get there if we are willing to suffer the pain of the journey. Life, in all its frailties, will never be perfect. Somehow, what counts is that we have learned to rise above its imperfections and our own frustrations. Ultimately, what is truly important is that we have served the purpose for our existence; that we have filled the space the Lord has destined us to occupy from the very beginning; and that we have fulfilled our God-ordained temporary assignment. Then, as we reach this earthly journey’s final stretches, indeed we can say, “It is not meaningless…”

©2007-2010 By Arnel Oroceo All Rights Reserved
Thursday, November 22, 2007-8:32:26pm                                                                               Revision: Thursday, January 28, 2010-10:38:16am

3 thoughts on “Chapter 11: IT IS NOT MEANINGLESS

  1. Dear Brother Oroceo – I read your life story this morning and was inspired by all that you’ve endured and all that you’ve achieved for God’s glory. Please continue to share your testimony with others. You are truly a blessed man of God and someone that is being used to minister hope and salvation to the lost. Be encouraged and may the blessings of the LORD be upon you!

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