Chapter 2: ON DEATH’S EDGE

Hours later, I began to feel difficulty in breathing. I asked the nurse to put the green-colored tube connected to the oxygen tank on my nostrils but to my shock, it gave no relief! It was as if, there was no oxygen at all passing through it. My mother who was sitting at my bedside leaned toward me and whispered to my ears, “Pray, my child that you may get well right away…” Then we sang the “Our Father” but even before we could finish the song, I passed out. I did not know how long it was. When I regained consciousness, I could hardly open my eyes. I just felt a crowd of doctors and nurses were all around my bed. One was forcing a metal device into my mouth to open it wide and then inserted a long plastic tube down into my throat. I could feel it go down painfully then they attached a sort of air bag to pump air into my lungs.

Later on, my parents told me that I stopped breathing. I was gasping for air and was gnashing my teeth. The medical people attending to me were almost ready to give up. The nurses had already escorted my family out of the room except for my dad. He intentionally stuck his thumb between my teeth, enduring the pain of my bite, just to keep my mouth open in a desperate attempt to prolong what could have been my last breath. It was then that the doctors and nurses went back to resuscitate me.

They rushed me to the ICU. I was vegetable. All I could move were my fingers, toes, lips and eyes. They connected me to a mechanical respirator through the plastic tube they stuck into my throat. They inserted another plastic tube (NGT) into my nose that went all the way down to my stomach. I was feeling pain on my legs and back that seemed to penetrate my bones. It was almost unbearable. All I wanted was to sleep but I could not. As the days went by, my condition grew even more complicated…

>Chapter 3: Excruciating Ordeal

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