It was in those times of terrible sadness and affliction; when I had surrendered to the reality of my helplessness that I began to see the mighty hand of God moving in my life. In deep darkness, I saw God’s light. Through the television, program “Jesus the Healer” and radio station 702 DZAS; I came to know Jesus in a more personal way. I began to come to Him not just, because I wanted healing but also because I want to know Him more. I received Him as my Lord and personal Savior. As I began to understand what I had read in my Bible, I realized that He is not a God who looks upon His creature from afar. He is a personal God who is like a father who looks after His child. In those moments when I suffered, He had suffered too. In those moments when I cried, He had cried too. What happened had to happen. This world had not been a perfect world for many but He had never left me alone in its imperfection. The love of God was far greater than what I could ever imagine. If only I would put my trust in Him, He would give me a fresh start. Yes, I found new hope in God. I found new strength in the arms of my Creator...

>Chapter 9: The Birth of a Ministry

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