Slowly, I began to recover some lost strength. I began to move around independently using a wheel chair. Eventually, my neurologist removed my tracheal tube. Although at that time, I was not yet strong enough to go out of the house. The following year, I was able to go back to my studies. With a special arrangement from school administration, I finished my high school at home after three years, topping our school’s National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) examinees that year with a 97-percentile mark.

Then I started writing simple poems and short essays. It was weird because in school (before I got sick), I had been twisting my brain when it came to theme writing in our English subject. My teacher would always ask me, “This is too short. Add some more thoughts to this…” I felt I began to freely express myself through writing. I believe it had been God’s special gift. I might be the “genius type” of a writer but I guess I was not that bad.

Playing the organ became my favorite hobby aside from writing poems and essays to keep myself from depression. Our church’s deaconess taught me the basics of organ playing. Whenever our mission pastor would pay me a visit, he would listen to my piece then later on; he would record it on cassette as I played so he could play it back in church as my personal offering in the worship service not knowing that it was going to be the birth of a ministry in music.

In 1989, when I was strong enough to go out of the house, I began attending church services. My friend, Winnie invited me and Mira to a church service on her birthday, which was my first church attendance after I got sick. My dad borrowed a company car so that they could take me there. However, since we did not have our own vehicle at that time, I could not attend church services regularly. It was a year later, in 1990, when my parents were able to purchase an owner-type jeep, for which we really prayed hard. I began attending church services regularly at a full gospel church. However, it was in a United Methodist Church where I had established my ministry in music. My godfather who was the organist of the Kaunlaran Village United Methodist Church that time taught me how to use a more advanced keyboards he was using in church. When he felt I was ready, he gave me his place and I became the church organist. I found a new purpose for my existence. I found the meaning for my life that I thought I had already lost. God gave me back my life with a fresh, new start. I felt it was a calling from God…

>Chapter 10: A Second Home

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