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How do you know if a person has matured as a person? Well, you’d notice that he has become responsible with anything that you’d entrust to him most especially with his relationships.

Love in the Christian’s heart works in the same way. A Christian’s maturity is not measured by his ability to preach and teach. It is not how well he can explain the mystery of the Trinity, election and pre-destination, the miracle of Jonah, the symbols in the book of Revelations, Christology and Soteriology or even Descatology.

It is not how well he leads a Bible study or a Sunday school class or how well he sings in the choir. A Christian will be measured by how much he loves. How much he cares for his family. It will be the sign that God indeed dwells inside his heart and in his life.


May the Love that came down on Christmas dwell and grow in our hearts even more deeply that we may respond with unconditional worship and bear love as the sign of our faith in Christ.


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Worship is a Lifestyle

Our response to God’s unconditional love can only be unconditional worship. Worship is actually service. We worship not just by bowing before him both in our personal and public prayer. We worship God whenever and wherever we serve Him in any manner. It is the kind of worship that is not dependent on the availability of time, on how we are doing, if things seem all bad or all good. Worship springs from the love that we have for God.

We can love God totally because we experienced first His love in our lives. It is all but fitting to give Him our gift of worship. The wise men offered gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Those are very expensive gifts but do you know which gift touched God’s heart the most? None from the three! It was their act of worship. They traveled far and wide at night with just a star guiding them, across perilous desert and mountain, and vast land just so that they could worship Him. They not only gave treasure; they gave time, energy and their lives.

If we cannot give time to prayer and meditation and corporate worship, how can we respond if God would need our whole life?



Motivational Words: God's Unconditional Love is the Source of our Worth Images: © 2009 Mary Fairchild and Darleen Araujo

Love came down at Christmas 2,000 years ago, in a stable and lay in a manger. He dwelt among men to reveal the Father, taught the will of His Father and, remained obedient unto death, even death on the cross so that you and I might be saved from sin.

It has been all because of love, an unconditional love. It is not because of anything good man has done or even can do; it’s all because God has loved us without any regret in spite of man’s willful sinning. It is a faithful love and is never changing in spite of man’s faithlessness and shortcomings.

In spite of all our sin and uncleanness, God had made a way for us to be redeemed through Christ, our salvation. If we have received Him in our hearts as our Lord and Savior, come judgment day, the Lord can then declare us not guilty of any sin.

Do you know what the innkeeper’s fault was? He did not provide accommodation to Mary and Joseph? If we will give him the benefit of the doubt, we can say that the inn was really full that time. Even if he wanted to give them space, there was no room for them in the inn. Besides, the text did not say that Mary and Joseph had no means to pay neither did it say that the innkeeper drove the couple away. There was just no room for them in the inn. Maybe, it could have been different if it was Herod’s son who wanted a room because he knew Herod definitely.

The problem was that he did not know who Mary was and who was the baby she was about to give birth to. Had he known, he could have opened the entire inn for the baby Jesus. The problem was he did not know. He did not know because his didn’t care to know. He didn’t give time to know. He was not attuned with the revelations of God unlike the shepherds who had made themselves available and were willing to leave everything, even their sheep, just to see God.

Jesus left His glory in heaven to become a man so he could save us from death. He loved us that much. How about us? What can we leave so we could show Him how important He is to us?