Lord, You Are Good!

This is one of the greatest praise songs I have heard and learned in terms of instrumentation and melody although I have not mastered the original arrangement. It is a bit complicated for a simple musician like me. Perhaps, I can simplify the arrangement so we can use it in church in the next weeks to come. Besides, we do not have the same musical equipment “Israel and the New Breed” is using as you can see in the video below.

May you all be blessed as you listen and watch the You Tube video. Join the singing and praising unto the Lord because He is good all the time.


Lord, I Give You My Heart

This is one of my favorite worship songs from Hillsongs. It speaks of the most fervent desire of a believer in Christ- to worship Him before His feet.

This is going to be one of our worship songs for our “Praise and Worship” today. I’d like to share this You Tube video here. Hope you will all be blessed.